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GB Image Machine, Inc. has some of the best performing lathe and milling equipment available. Check out our equipment listing below for details and photos.

Tsugami SS327-5AX CNC Precision Automatic Lathe

This high performance automatic precision lathe allows us to cut complex parts complete with only one setup. This multitasking turning center allows to machine parts that have precise angles and sculpted contours while holding close tolerances. Equipped with a 12’ Bar Feeder
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Genos L300-MW Lathe

Our Genos lathe has a standard 10” chuck that has live tooling which allows us to run parts with high precision. This lathe is equipped to turn, drill, tap, bore, and mill.
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Okuma LNC-10 Cadet

Our Okuma Cadet CNC Lathe has a 10” chuck capable of turning, drilling, tapping, threading, and boring. This machine does more of our low volume orders and prototyping.
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Okuma MX-45VAE CNC Vertical Milling Center

This CNC vertical milling center specializes in drilling, tapping, milling, and boring. Capable of prototype and production runs.
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Tree VMC 760 CNC Vertical Milling Center

This is our other smaller CNC vertical mill that can handle over flow from our other mills. This machine has production and prototype capabilities.
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Tree VMC 1260 CNC Vertical Milling Center

Our larger vertical milling center can handle larger parts that the MX and 760 cannot handle. This machine is fully capable of running prototype and production that require milling, drilling, tapping, and boring.
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