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Q: How do you adjust the position of the weight on the Meiga Warm-Up Bat?

A: The weight on the Meiga Warm-Up Bat consist of a ring, that when pulled, the weight will release from the groove on the bat shaft. At this time, the weight can be transferred to the desired position on the shaft of the bat.

Q: What’s the benefit of the weight adjustment system on the Meiga Warm-Up Bat?

A: Shifting the weight on the Meiga Warm-Up Bat will change the center of gravity of the bat. This feature will create a lighter feel when the weight is positioned closest to the handle (handle-loaded) and a heavier feel when the weight is located at the end of the bat (end-loaded).

Q: What is over-load strength training?

A: Any type of strength training that requires you to train with a heavier bat than what you use in a game.

Q: Can you provide me with some example drills that I can I use the Meiga Warm-Up Bat with?

A: Overload strength training is a very effective training tool in the off-season. The Meiga Warm-Up Bat can be used to train throughout the year. One drill that can be implemented is swinging your Meiga Warm-Up Bat (8 sets of 10 with a 1 to 2 minute rest in between sets). Make sure that you maintain your natural swing every time while using the Meiga Warm-Up Bat. The purpose of this drill is to train and strengthen your muscles that are responsible for generating your swing, thus developing a more powerful and quicker swing. Any bat that alters your swing is too heavy and should not be used. Only use a weighted bat that you can handle. Make sure to adjust the position of the weight to meet your comfort level. ****Before you do any type of weight training exercises, make sure that your muscles are properly loose and stretched to prevent injuries.

Q: I always see professional baseball players use warm up bats on the on deck circle. What is the best way to use one right before an at bat?

A: Meiga Bats does not recommend swinging any type of weighted bat at full strength on the on deck circle, in particular, right before an at bat because of muscle fatigue. Instead, most professional players will use a warm up bat to stretch and loosen up various muscles of the back, arms, and shoulders before an at bat.

Q: As a baseball coach, what are some ways that I can incorporate the MAT Bat into my practices?

A: The MAT Bat is an effective vision/speed training bat. The 20 oz. weight and the diameter of the bat places a greater deal of concentration on hitting a small ball with a smaller barrel bat. The MAT Bat is length adjustable which allows multiple players of different sizes to use one bat. Soft toss, soft-foam/plastic poly-ball pitching machines, or over hand toss are some examples of drills that coaches use the MAT Bat with.

Q: Can you use regulation size baseballs or softballs with the MAT Bat?

A: No, the MAT Bat has passed and gone through a series of test using plastic golf balls and soft-foam balls.