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Meiga Testimonials

I work with large groups of students and I am always looking for a hitting tool that will create something different as well as curiosity. I like the MAT Bat because it is only one bat and can be adapted to several lengths. Therefore, one bat fits all. We like using the MAT Bat with plastic golf balls which helps with vision.
Coach Nemo – Nemo’s Speed Hitting Program

I like the MAT Bat as a bat speed/underloading tool. I also like the way you can adjust the length to fit any player.
Coach Weekly – University of Tennessee

Last season we started using the (M2) Meiga Warm Up Bat instead of the big red plastic type. We use it for bat control drills, plyo-stretching of the shoulders, as well as for a basic warm up bat. After one year, the quality of the bat is just like when we pulled it out of the box. The quick adjust feature is actually the kids favorite as they do not have to waste time adjusting it and dealing with the rusty screw type that we have had in the past. We also will be investing in the one handed model this season, as well as other full scale models to continue with bat control drills that our coaches have picked up at ABCA conventions.
John Hodges – Louisville Seneca High School, Head Baseball Coach

We currently use the MAT Bat in our preseason practices and during the season. It is a great way to help develop better hand-eye coordination skills for our players. It can easily be used in pre-game warm ups also. The player who really enjoyed practicing with the MAT Bat was my 8 year old grandson before his summer league games. He eventually went on to become the MVP in their final tournament.
Bill Taylor – Grosse Pointe North High School

The Meiga Warm Up Bat is liked a lot by our kids for its “easy-to-change” weight features. We use it more in practice than in games. Our kids like to use it to stretch the back and shoulders before swinging. We also have had great success with the MAT Bat as a hitting tool. I like it for its adaptability to several lengths. We use it with plastic golf balls for hitting and vision drills.
Mike Wiss – Minster High School, Head Baseball Coach

As a baseball coach, I used the Meiga Warm Up Bat and the MAT Bat as a means to strengthen our teams physical strength and hitting performances. My players used the Meiga Warm Up Bat to build up forearm strength in the off-season and then during the season to maintain strength and to get loose. The MAT Bat helped improve our teams hand-eye coordination and actually increased our teams batting average by 100 points. I would recommend both of these training bats to any program looking to get that competitive edge.
Mike Tudor – Amelia, Ohio

Being a bigger guy, I could never really get loose for my AB’s. That all changed when I bought the M4 Warm Up Bat. It was perfect for me at the 8 lbs. Other members of my softball team found it useful as well because you could lessen the load on the weight of the bat. Where was this bat 10 years ago?
Mike Brendus – Columbus, Ohio

My students enjoy using the Meiga Mini I. bats because it’s not too heavy for them to handle. The ease and simplicity of adjusting the weight distribution with one pull of the ring and then clicking into the next slot is well liked. I enjoy implementing it as an overload strength training bat at my training facility.
Coach Nemo – Nemo’s Speed Hitting Program

I have worked with the Meiga Mini and it has become one of the tools we use on a daily basis. My hitters and pitchers both use it to develop strength in their wrist and forearms. My son, a junior in High School, likes to work on wrist and forearm drills while watching television. Overall, the Meiga Mini has been a great tool and I’m looking forward to finding new ways to incorporate it into practice.
Dan Gierlak – Head Softball Coach at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania